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It’s easier than you ever imagined to create your own wood projects—from furniture to organizers to home decor and more—and build them in a way that’s simple, fast, and built to last using a Kreg Jig®. Learn how easy it is to use the Kreg Joinery™ System to drill a pocket hole, drive in the specially designed Kreg® Screw, and be done.

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Fix Broken Wood Joints Fast
and Make Repairs That Last!

Do you have a kitchen drawer that’s coming apart, one wobbly chair in the dining set you love, or a piece of family-heirloom furniture that’s fallen into disrepair? If so, you’ve probably thought you just had to live with these pieces because you weren’t sure how to repair them yourself. With a Kreg Jig®, you can fix those problem pieces, and make them as good as or better than new.

That’s because a Kreg Jig® is the perfect tool for repairing broken drawers, beat up bookcases, wobbly chairs, fractured frames, and so much more—without messy glue or nails. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to fix what you have—instead of having to replace it—using the Kreg Joinery™ System.

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Kreg Screws hold it all together. No glue. No nails.
No mess!

Kreg Jigs® make building and repair easy by allowing you to create perfectly placed pocket holes. Then, you hold it all together by simply driving in Kreg® Screws. Kreg® Screws are designed specifically to work in harmony with a Kreg Jig® to create strong, long-lasting pocket-hole joints

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